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Gate to Glory

Most of Christianity believes that our soul departs this earth and travels one way or another immediately at death.  But is that what the Bible teaches about resurrection?  Is there a reward for the righteous or a punishment for the wicked before Christ returns?  Is death the gate to glory?  Is death an enemy or a friend?  Do we simply wait until we die, or are we waiting for Christ to come?  How can we know the truth?  Find out the answers from God's Word in today's study.

Psa. 146:3,4; 17:15; Luke 14:13,14; Matt. 16:27; Job 19:25-27; John 5:28,29; 7:34; 13:33; Gen. 3:22; 2:7; Ecc. 9:5;  Heb. 9:28; 1 Thess. 1:9,10; Rev. 19:6-9

Pastor Kenneth Milne   1988

The Coming of Christ

The second coming of Christ is the very fabric of our faith. His coming motivates us to know God, understand Him, and live for Him. It has a purifying effect. If we really believe Jesus is coming again, we will change the way we think and act. We will be motivated to tell others about this good news, and we won't be alarmed as we see prophetic fulfillment in the nations happening around us. We will be alert. We will be encouraged. We will see God's hand in history as He prepares the world for the coming of His son. And we know it won't be long. Time is ticking. Time is running out. Time is being fulfilled. Are you ready? Are you living like it?

1 John 3:3; Luke 12:35-39; 21; 2 Peter 3:8

Pastor Vernis Wolfe 1990

Have you been on vacation lately?  Have you missed out on what's happening in Israel, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Russia, and all around the Middle East?  Well, don't worry.  God has already foretold the specific details of end-time events.  And in today's message, we examine the visions of Ezekiel and how they apply to current events in today's news.

Ezekiel 39:1-8,12,13,221-29; 38:1,2,4-6,18-23; Isa. 19:1-4; John 14:26,27; 8:32

Pastor Michael Hoffman   Oregon Church of God  Oregon, Illinois

Sometimes we're like Gideon.  We hear God say He's with us, but all we see are all of the bad things happening around us.  And then we give up. But that's not God's plan for us.  He is with us even through the hard times, and He tells us to "Go."  Rather than focus on why bad things are happening, He wants us to do something about it.  Will you?  Will you "go?"  There's work to do.  Will you get to work for Him?

Judges 6:11-16; Luke 5; Matthew 14

Pastor Dale Swartz   Litchfield Church of God, Litchfield, Minnesota

God has planned great things for His people. He has planned new things. He's given us a new message of good news. He's given us a new life in His son. He's made us a new creation following our new birth. And He's given us a new hope in a new world under a new order. It's all new. It's all for us. And it's exactly as He planned it.
Isa. 42:9; 48:3-7; Matt. 4:23-25; 9:14; Acts 8:4,12; Heb. 10:19; Ezek. 36:26; John 1; 2 Cor. 5:17; Gal. 6:15; Rom. 6:1-4; Eph. 4:22; 1 Pet. 2:2; Acts 17:18,32; Rev. 21:1-3

Pastor Bill Wachtel

The Soul Goes Where?

Sometimes doctrines in church tradition go unexamined, but when we scrutinize the concepts against what the Scriptures have to say, we discover the truth. It's that way in today's study of the "soul." Many teach that man is created with an innate immortality, but is that what the Bible really indicates? Does man have an immortal soul that lives on after he is gone? What really happens after a person dies? And from where did the concept of the immortal soul come? Find out the answers from history and the pages of the Bible in today's message.
Gen. 2:7; Ecc. 3:19-21; 9:10;12:7,13,14; Ezek. 18:20; Matt. 10:26-28; Psa. 16:10; 146:3,4; Acts 2:27; Job 34:14; 32:8; 1 Cor. 15:51-58

Pastor Rex Cain

A Living Faith

What is true faith?  How can we know?  What does the Bible tell us?  How do others know we have a living faith?  In this message from a revival service in 1972, Pastor Duncan challenges us to live out our faith.  We have to put our confidence in the evidence.  Our hope is in the promises of God.  If we claim to be of the Abrahamic faith, let's act like it!  Let's live like it!  Let's show the world the faith we have in our God!

Gal. 3:24-29; Heb. 11:1,39; 13:5; Rom. 8:24; 14:23; 4:19; Acts 3:6; James 2:17-24; 1:22,6; Matt. 5:16; 6:25-30; 17:20; Mark 9:23; Mal. 3:10; John 8:39; 14:1; Rev. 21:8; Psa. 23:1-4; Php. 4:13

Pastor Z.B. Duncan   Resurrection Hope Church of God Lenoir, NC

Dynamic Christianity

What made the early church grow?  Why were they so dynamic?  Could the growth they experienced happen in our churches today? How would we handle it?  Can God do it again?  Pastor Kent knows it can happen, and in today's message, he reminds us of the conditions it takes to make it happen again.

Acts 2:36-47

Pastor Kent Ross   North Hills Church of God Springfield, Ohio

It's possible to spend thousands of dollars on insurance without ever filing a claim.  But life insurance makes perfect sense because we're all guaranteed to die.  In today's parable, Jesus talks about insuring our lives against another certainty.  We are all going to face him one day.  The wedding invitations have already been sent.  Will you be ready for the bridegroom?

Matt. 25:1-13; Heb. 9:27,28; 2 Pet. 3:9

Pastor Wally Winner   Joy Fellowship Church of God Piedmont, SC

The Sure Hope

God has made an oath.  He has promised us of the sure hope that lies ahead.  We are heirs of the same covenant He made to Abraham through faith.  It's the anchor of our lives.  In the present evil that surrounds, let's not forget it.

Pastor Terry Ferrell  Greenville Church of God - 217 White Oak Rd, Greenville, SC

The Better Resurrection

Many around the world have been persecuted for their faith. They have endured the suffering because of their hope. They know that the end of their life is not the end of the story. When Jesus returns, things will be made right. And because he rose from the dead, someday all the righteous will too.

Matt. 6:11,19,21,25-34; 4; Isa. 33:15; Prov. 30:8; Mark 8:13-17

Pastor Alan Cain Lawrenceville Church of God Springfield, Ohio

My Last Sermon

No, today's message isn't really Pastor Steve's last sermon - or at least we hope not.  Today's message title was taken from a 1936 message written by J.H. Anderson to an audience he knew he would never see again.  Have you ever thought about what message you would share if you only had one chance to share it?  Listen in as Pastor Taylor shares the timeless truth of God's timeless offer.

Acts 20:25; 2:37,38; Gen. 2:16,17; 17:8; 22:18; Deut. 30:15; Jer. 21:8; Rom. 6:23; 5:12; Matt. 7:13,14; Ecc. 9:5; Psa. 146:4; Gal. 3:8,26-29; John 17:3; 10; Rev. 22:12; Heb. 11:6

Pastor Steve Taylor   Lakeshore Bible Church Tempe Arizona

Israel and Her Future

Did you ever notice how Israel always seems to make the news? Why does this little nation get such big publicity? In the end, who will help her? Has God forgotten His promises? Has God forsaken His people? In today's message, we examine the end-time prophecies regarding the restoration of Israel and how they are connected with the return of Christ.

Zech. 8:1-8; 14:2-5; Isa. 11:1,2; 60:21; 2:3; Luke 21:24; Jer. 16:15; Ezekiel 26:24-28; Amos 9:14,15; Romans 11

Kenneth Milne

Israel in These Times

Israel is God's covenant people in God's covenant land. The nation is the "apple of God's eye." Understanding Israel's place in the program, plan, and purpose of God also has great significance in the plan and purpose for each believer. In today's message, we examine Israel's place in history and its relationship to the nations today and what it has to do with the second coming of the Lord.

Hos. 2; Ezek. 38:12; Judges 9:37; Eph. 2:12; John 4:22; Jer. 31:35-37; Rom. 15; 1 Cor. 10:10; Exo. 33:14; Psa. 85:8; Mal. 3; Isa. 61:6; 66:18,19; Zech. 8:20; Luke 21

C.E. Randall

Read the Signs

As we watch world events and crises unfolding all around us, we begin to wonder whether we're living in the last days.  We hear about the end of the world, but how do we know what to expect?  Does the Bible tell us?  Did Jesus reveal some of the circumstances and trends that would occur in the end-times?  In today's message from the reply that Jesus gave his disciples on the Mount of Olives, we are encouraged to be alert, be aware, be prepared, and be ready as we see the signs of the times.

Matt. 24; 16:1-4; 2 Tim. 3:1-7,12-16; John 15:5; Luke 12:15

Pastor Michael Hoffman   Oregon Church of God, Oregon, Illinois

Can Israel Survive?

Once again, Israel and the peace in the Middle East are back in the headlines - much the same as it was in 1978 when this message was recorded.  What's going to happen?  Has God done away with Israel?  Will God ever again have anything to do with this nation?  Has God revoked his promises?  What about the Arab and Jewish conflict?  Can Israel survive?  Pastor Landry reminds us what God has spoken through his prophets about this little country in this relevant message.

Rom. 10:20-11:15; Matt. 27:22-25; Jer. 51:17-23; 30:4-17; Zech. 12:1-8; 14:1-4

Pastor Gordon Landry - 1978

Your Kingdom Come

Often, in the Lord's prayer, we miss the meaning in the words as we recite over it.  When Jesus prayed, "your kingdom come," what exactly did he mean?  Why was the kingdom so important? What exactly is the Kingdom of God?  Where is it?  Is the Kingdom some mystical, ethereal place where we float on a cloud and play a harp?  As we examine the words of the prayer and look closer in the scripture, we find out this Kingdom of God was the main topic of the messages of Jesus Christ during his ministry.  It was the good news he preached and sent his disciples to preach.  And it's still good news today.  Are you ready for the Kingdom of God?  Are you praying for it to come?

Alan Cain  Lawrenceville Church of God, Springfield, Ohio

What is the meaning of "paradise" in the Bible? Is it synonymous with "heaven?" Is that where believers go when they die? Did Jesus enter "paradise" the day he died? When man sinned and was driven out of the Garden of Eden, was paradise lost forever? And what exactly is the "third heaven?" Find out the truth from God's word today.

Luke 23:39-43; Genesis 2:8; Acts 3:19-21; 2 Corinthians 12:2; Isaiah 66:1; 2 Peter 3:3-13; Revelation 2:7

Kenneth Milne

Death is a reality, but the world of religion offers man a variety of explanations of what happens when a man dies and ways to obtain immortality. Is there hope beyond death? Does the Bible clearly tell us what happens? From what are we made? From where do we come? What is our destiny? When? Where will we be? Find out the truth and the hope we share as believers in Christ in today's Bible study.

Gen. 2:7,15,16; 3:4-6; 1 Tim. 6:16; 1:17; 2 Tim. 1:10; 2:11,12; Rom. 2:7; Rev. 20; 22:17; 1 Cor. 15; Rom. 6:23; 1 Thess 4; Psa. 146:4; 90:1-6,12; Ecc. 9:5; 1 Cor. 6:14; John 11; Luke 14:14

Pastor Hollis Partlowe

Is the end of the world upon us? Are we really living in the end times? How can we know? Why does it matter? What if this really is the last week of your life? What will you do?

1 Thess. 4:16,17; 1 Cor. 15; Rev. 11:15; 5:9,10; 2 Thess. 2; 2 Peter 3

Pastor Alan Cain

Lawrenceville Church of God, Springfield, Ohio

Watch or read the world news today, and all you'll hear about is doom and gloom. The times are tough, and sometimes when we're going through struggles, our faith can be tested. In today's message, we're reminded of the importance of applying our faith in our everyday lives to grow and strengthen our walk with God.

Hebrews 11:1-6,39,40; Romans 1:17; 8:37,5-8; Joshua 6:1-5; Luke 5:4-6; Proverbs 3:5-7; James 2:14-17,20;Mark 11:24; Malachi 3:10; Psalm 118:24; 2 Timothy 4:7,8

Pastor Bruce Reye   Chapel Hill Church of God    Urbana, Ohio

The enemies of every gardener are the weeds.  If you don't watch closely, weeds will steal the nutrients and the water from the seeds and eventually destroy your crop.  Often though, it's hard to control the weeds without harming your plants.  In the lesson we examine in today's parable, Jesus describes the ultimate weed killer that is coming when he returns to gather his harvest.  So how is your garden growing?

Matthew 13:24-30,36-43; 14:16

Pastor Jim Ritch   www.resurrectionhope.org

As we continue our study on the early church, today we pause to look again at the Jewish heritage of the first followers of Christ. How did the first-century Christians relate to laws of Moses? What about the feasts and fasts of Israel? Did Jesus change the law? If not, when did the strict keeping of the law change for the church?

Acts 15:1-11,22-29; Acts 10; Matthew 19:16; 5:17-20; Mark 1:40-44; Galatians 3:19; 2:11-14; 5:1-4;Ephesians 2:1-9; Colossians 2:16,17

Pastor Terry Ferrell   Greenville Church of God, Greenville, SC

The Long Road Ahead

Do you really think that you can make a difference in the future Kingdom of God? Sometimes we just look at the long road ahead and forget that our destination is getting closer every day. God has given each and everyone of us a talent to use in His service. Will you choose to use what God gave you? What would the church be like if we all used our talents and gifts for the worship of our God?

Pastor Dave Hixon   www.brushcreekchurch.org

How did the early church worship? What was included in their worship service? As we look in today's text, we find four simple and essential focus points of the early church: the apostles' doctrine, fellowship, the breaking of bread, and prayer. They continued daily in these things with one accord and with a great love toward one another and a great desire to worship their God. As we study, what can learn for our church today?

Acts 2:37-47

Pastor Terry Ferrell   Greenville Church of God, Greenville, SC

Sunburns are a way of life when you're raised in Arizona, but you would need extra-strength sunscreen for a day that was twice as long as normal. In today's message, we examine an amazing story involving Joshua and the Israelites. In the middle of their military campaign through Canaan, God made "the sun stand still" to ensure their victory. And if God did that for them, just imagine the victory He has in store for us.

Joshua 10

Pastor Michael Hoffman   Oregon Church of God, Oregon, Illinois

Generation after generation has wondered if this would be the generation in which Jesus would return. Every generation of Christians has wished it. There have been many who have speculated on the time of his return. But how do we know we're getting close? What are the events leading up to the end of the age? How will it happen? When? In today's message, Jesus answers the questions.

Pastor Steve Taylor   www.lakeshorebible.net


This world gets more challenging and more confused each day. More than ever, we need to be studying God's word, praying regularly, and learning from fellow believers as we focus on the hope we have when Jesus returns. We must be obedient, and avoid slipping back into our old ways, or else we might become "spiritually constipated."

1 Peter 1:13-16

Pastor John Guthrie    East Oregon Chapel, Oregon, Illinois

Triumphant Together

The message of the Bible is a message of triumph. The one and only God sent his one and only Son to rescue us from our sins. But our faith is a faith that calls on others to join with us as we join with God. We're not in this alone. We're in this together. We share in the victories now and in the age that's coming. So let us work together as we look ahead. Let's triumph together!

Dr. Joe Martin   www.abc-coggc.org

Sometimes when we observe the fashion or appearance of other people we observe, we might say they look very unique. But what does it really mean to be unique? Jesus was created as the Son of Man and the Son of God. He was a completely unique human being. He is our Savior. He is the Christ. But what do his titles mean? What does it mean to be "the only begotten Son of God?" In today's message, Pastor Michael helps explain the unique nature of Christ and what it means for us.

Pastor Michael Hoffman

Oregon Church of God, Oregon, Illinois

In today's look at the 10 Commandments, we find the brother of Moses, Aaron, yielding to the people's desires and making them a golden calf to worship. They were trying to combine the worship of the world with the worship of Yahweh, and it didn't work. It never does. As Moses descended from the mountain and saw the people, he threw down the tablets in anger - breaking them all. But through the prayer of Moses, he would also save the same stubborn people that God was ready to destroy.

Pastor Wally Winner   www.theupsidedownchurch.com

One of the clouded issues of Christianity through the years is exactly what we have to do to be "saved." Do you have to be baptized? Is it required? Is salvation universal? Are there conditions for salvation?  What was the view of the early church?  Find out today.

Rom. 6:1-11; 10:17,9,10; 1 Cor. 3; 15:3; John 3:16; Mark 16:15,16; Acts 8:5,12; Heb. 11; 2 Cor. 7:8-10

Pastor Terry Ferrell

Greenville Church of God, 217 White Oak Road, Greenville, SC 29605

Thy Kingdom Come

The primary focus of the preaching and teaching of Jesus was on the Kingdom of God. He talked about it everywhere he went. He showed it through his life and example. He left a piece of the Kingdom wherever he went and with whomever he met. The same message was also the focus of the ministry of his followers. Jesus commanded them to go everywhere preaching and teaching what he had taught them. The same message still applies to his followers today. If we pray, "thy kingdom come," are we speaking and living like we mean it?

Bob Alcumbrack

God is one. The Father alone is God. Over and over again the Bible makes the distinction. But if we believe that, what do we do with it? How does knowing the one true God change the way we live for Him and worship Him?

Pastor Michael Hoffman  Oregon Church of God, 860 West Oregon Trail Rd.  61061

Some tend to really generalize the use of the word "Christian." Others have decided it best that no one be called one. But what about the early followers of Christ? Were they called "Christians?" Did they call themselves Christians? Can we say that we are Christians today?

Acts 11:26; 26:28; 1 Peter 4:16

Pastor Terry Ferrell, Greenville Church of God, 217 White Oak Rd. 29605

There's no subject that is more neglected or distorted than the facts surrounding and concerning the second coming of Jesus Christ. His first coming alone did not fulfill all of the prophecies and predictions of the Hebrew scriptures though that is what his disciples expected. But Jesus promised that he was returning and that his return would be personal, visible, and real. And this is the hope of the Christian as we wait for our coming King!

Luke 19:11-27; Acts 1:6,10; 1 Thess. 4; Heb. 9:28; Matt. 24; 25:31; Gal. 1:7; Rev. 22:12; 1 Cor. 15:23; 2 Tim. 4:1

Pastor Terry Ferrell, Greenville Church of God, 217 White Oak Rd. 29605

You can't read through the Greek scriptures without noticing the major theme of the preaching and teaching of Christ and his disciples. Their focus was on the coming Kingdom of God on this earth at the return of their Messiah. You can't miss it - or can you? Over the years, church tradition has changed the focus, but in today's message, Pastor Ferrell reminds us again of the great message of Jesus and the first-century Christians.

Pastor Terry Ferrell

Greenville Church of God, 217 White Oak Rd.  Greenville, SC 29605

Yowzer! Are you awake? Are you listening? Are you watching? Are you ready for Jesus to return? Are you preparing yourself and your neighbors? In today's message from "the Pastor's Pastor," we look at six reasons why we're ready for Jesus to come now.

Pastor Russ Magaw

Jesus promised the thief on the cross that he would be with Christ in "paradise." But what exactly was he really saying? What is the paradise Jesus was talking about? When was he promising the thief's reward? Where did he mean it would be? In today's message, we examine the truth about our future rewards.

Luke 23:43; Revelation 2:7; 11:15; Matthew 24:29-31

Pastor Steve Taylor   Lakeshore Bible Church   Tempe, Arizona

There are many popular books and ideas about the "last days." But what did Jesus tell us? What did he warn us? What did he want us to know? Find out the truth about the last days and how to be alert in today's message.

Pastor Steve Taylor   Lakeshore Bible Church Tempe, Arizona

There are many different concepts and ideas about what really happens when we die, but they're not all biblical. What does the Bible really reveal? What really happens when we die? Is there a part of us that keeps on living? Where do we go? In today's thorough study, Pastor Michael shows us what the Bible really says - and doesn't say - about life and death.

Pastor Michael Hoffman   Oregon Church of God, Oregon, Illinois

What is the eternal destiny of all of God's people? Where is the eternal destiny of God's people? When will it be? What will it be like? In today's message, we examine 9 elements of God's eternal kingdom that is coming to this earth. Are you ready for it? Are you anticipating it? Are you looking for it?

Isaiah 65; 2 Peter 3; Revelation 21,22

Pastor Hollis Partlowe

Christians have a yesterday, today, and tomorrow because we have a Savior that is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We have an assurance and a hope in him. In today's message, we look at these three phases of the believer's salvation. We have been saved from the penalty of sin. We are being saved from the power of sin. And in the future, we will be saved from the very presence of sin.

Eph. 2:12-14,19-21; Rom. 5:6; Col. 1:21; 3:17; 1 Pet. 2:25; John 1:9,12; 9:4; 1 Cor. 1:18; 10:30; 2 Cor. 5:17; 6:2; Heb. 3:7,8,13; 13:5,8,14;  1 Tim. 2:5; Acts 15:18; Amos 3:7; Matt. 28:20; 6:33,34; 25:31; James 4:13-15; Prov. 27:1;Luke 12; Titus 2:13,14; Rev.21:1; 11:15; 5:10; 3:21; Num. 14:21; Hab. 2:14; Dan. 7:27; 2 Peter 3:13

Pastor Hollis Partlowe

John 1:1 and the Trinity

"In the beginning was the word..."  That's how the apostle John's gospel opens, but what exactly did he mean?  What is the "word," or "logos?"  Bible translators and Greek scholars have had many different ideas about what he was really writing about.  Was John really telling us that Jesus has pre-existed eternally as a part of a triune God?  Or have modern Bible translations misinterpreted what he was really trying to say?  In today's study, we examine the truth behind the translation.

Professor Anthony Buzzard, Restoration Fellowship

The eyes of the world are on Israel and the Middle East. Almost every day, this little nation is in the headlines. Jesus also told us to be watching Israel and its prophetic significance at the end of the age. The Bible also reveals that it will be from Jerusalem that Jesus will reign when he returns. But what about today? Will we ever see peace? Why the turmoil? Why is it important to know? In today's message, we look closer at the events that are coming, and we are challenged to be watchful and prepared as we witness the signs of the times.

Ezekiel 37-39; Zechariah 12:2,3; Revelation 20; Zechariah 14; Matthew 24:42; 25:13

Elder Joe James

Guthrie Grove Church of God  Pelzer, SC

Heirs of God

In the pages of the Bible, we find the formula for salvation. Man is born lost, but there is a way that leads to eternal life. But there is only one way. It's not through natural life or the law but from Jesus alone. We can't get it simply by knowing about Christ. We have to follow Jesus. But we don't possess eternal life yet. We are heirs of God.

Rom. 3:23,20; 5:19; 2:7; 8:14-17,37; 2 Cor. 5:17; 3:11-14; Matt. 7:14; Gal. 3:19,24-26,29; 5:4; 4:21-23,30,4-7; 6:14; John 1:17; 6:60,66; Mark 10:17,24,29; Dan. 7:22; 1 John 2:25; 5:11,12; Acts 4:12; Titus 1:2; 3:7; Rev. 21:7; Heb.11:9,10; James 2:5

Pastor Hollis Partlowe

The Day of the Lord

Israel is being prepared right now for the day of its salvation. Israel keeps searching for peace and safety through treaties and agreements, but we are told in the Bible that there will only be false security until Jesus returns. The Arab nations want control of Jerusalem. The nations of the world just want the fighting to stop. But we are told there is still a time of trouble ahead. The Day of the Lord is near.

Zech. 14; 12:10; Ezek. 37-39; 48:30-35; 1 Cor. 15:24-28; Eph. 1:10; 5:25-27; 2 Pet. 3:10-13; Joel 3:1-3,9-12,15; Rev. 16:13,14,18-21;19:11-21; 6:15,16; Jer. 30:7,8; Exod. 14:14; 15:3; Josh. 10:14; 23:3; Judges 4:15; Acts 1:11; Amos 1:1; Nah. 1:5; Micah 1:2-4; 1 Thess. 3:13; Col. 3:14; Jude 14; Isa. 27; 65; 9:6,7; Gen. 8:22; Dan. 7:13,14

Pastor Wally Winner   www.theupsidedownchurch.com

Yahweh the One and Only

Nowhere does the Bible make an attempt to prove Yahweh’s existence. The Bible simply asserts His existence. God's existence is known emphatically by His creation and by our conscience. In everything, we see the stamp of God. Man is always seeking Him. And in the first commandment of the ten, we see a personal and unique God who demands worship and honor. There is no other god. Yahweh is the one and only.

Exodus 20:2,3

Pastor Wally Winner

Joy Fellowship Church of God   Piedmont, SC

Sandal Shaker

We all have our fears. No one is truly fearless. We all have something we're afraid of. We don't always know how to react when we face danger. Even the Apostle Paul had moments in his life when he was afraid, but God reassured him not to be scared. What do we do when we face resistance? Do we run away from our problems? Do we just ignore them? What's really causing our fears? What's stopping you from accomplishing God's plans?

Acts 18:1-10; 1 Cor. 2:3; 1 Pet. 5:6,7; Isa. 43:1; 41:10; Psa. 56:3; 1 Jn. 4:18; Heb. 13:5; 3:13; 1 Thess. 5:11; Gal. 6:2

Pastor Wally Winner   www.theupsidedownchurch.com

What is the Gospel?

When you hear the term "gospel," what comes to mind? What is it? What do you think of? Does your answer coincide with what Jesus said and taught? Christ said preaching the gospel was the purpose he was sent to do. It is extremely important that we're teaching and preaching the same message. We are also warned not to preach a different gospe.In today's message, we examine the good news as the Bible reveals it.

Hebrews 2:3; Luke 4:43; 1 Timothy 6:3-5; 2 John 9-11; 2 Samuel 7:8-16; Daniel 2:44; Isaiah 9:6; Matthew 24:14; John 5:46,47; Matthew 5:5; Acts 28:30,31; Isaiah 11:6-9

Pastor Bruce Reye

Chapel Hill Church of God  Urbana, Ohio

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